Editing Calendar Entries

Our calendars aren't carved in stoneappointments are rescheduled, events are postponed, and meetings are called off. Notes supports your needs to modify calendar entries, move them to different dates, or delete them.

To modify a calendar entry, double-click the entry in Calendar view to open the document. You can alter any of the fields in the document, including Entry Type, to change the type of Calendar entry for the document. Save and close the document to have your changes take effect.

If you have a repeating entry, such as a weekly appointment, any changes you make to any of the entries will affect the related repeats. For example, say you try to change the start time for the appointment. When you try to save the entry change, the Change Repeating Entry dialog box appears and presents choices for how you want your changes to affect the related entries. You can choose to affect only the entry you have open, all the repeated entries related to this entry, only this and previous repeated entries, or only this and future repeated entries. Make your selection, and then choose OK.

You cannot change the frequency settings for the repeat entries, but you can delete future dates and re-enter the entry.

You can only set repeating entries when you create a calendar entry. You can't add repeating entries to an existing entry.

Although you can edit a calendar entry and change the dates and times, it's often quicker to drag and drop the appointment to the new date or time. When you drop the appointment in a new slot or day, the Reschedule Options dialog box appears. The new date or time you dragged to appears as the Start and End; click OK to confirm. However, if you drag a meeting entry for which you are not the owner, the Propose Options dialog box appears so you can suggest a different date or time for the meeting; an email is sent to the owner requesting the proposed change of time.

To drag an entry to a time you can't see on a date, hold the entry over one of the scroll arrows on the date and the Reschedule Options dialog box will appear. Needless to say, when you want to drag an entry to a new time, be sure the times show on the screen by right-clicking on the date and choosing Show Time Slots from the submenu.

If Notes asks whether you're sure you want to move the entry, click Yes.

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