Creating Sections

Sections are helpful in making large documents more manageable. You can gather all the information on one topic into a section. Sections collapse into one-line paragraphs or expand to display all the text in the section, so a reader doesn't have to read sections that aren't of any interest. Figure 14.13 shows a document with both expanded and collapsed sections.

Figure 14.13. Twisties are indicators that the document contains collapsed sections.

When you gather text into a section, a small triangle appears to the left of the section head. To expand a section, click this triangle (called a twistie). Clicking again on the twistie collapses the section. To expand all the sections in a document, choose View, Expand All Sections from the menu. To collapse all sections, choose View, Collapse All Sections from the menu.

To create a section in your message, follow these steps:


Create a new mail message. Type several paragraphs in the body field.


Select the paragraphs you want to make into a section. If you are creating a section from a single paragraph, you don't need to select the paragraph, simply place your cursor anywhere in the paragraph before you proceed to step 3.


Choose Create, Section from the menu.

The first 128 characters of the paragraph become the section title. If you want to change it, follow these steps:


Click the section title.


Choose Section, Section Properties from the menu (see Figure 14.14).


Click the Title tab.


Select Text, and then replace the text in the Title box with the section title you want. Don't use carriage returns, hotspots, or buttons in section titles.


Under Section Border, choose a Border Style from the list box and a Border Color from the list box.


If you want to hide the title of the section when it expands, click the Expand/Collapse tab, and check Hide Title When Expanded (see Figure 14.15).


If you want to format the section title, select it and choose Section, Section Properties. Click the Font tab; select the font, size, style, and color you want for the section title.

Figure 14.14. In the Section properties box, set the option to create a section title, visible even when the section is collapsed.

Figure 14.15. The Expand/Collapse tab of the Section Properties box is where you set expand and collapse options for each section.

You can copy and move sections as you would any other text or paragraphs with Cut, Copy, and Paste commands. When you want to remove a section but still want to keep all the text in the section, select the section and choose Section, Remove Section from the menu. If you want to remove the section and all its text, however, choose Edit, Clear or press the Delete key.

When sending documents containing sections over the Internet, the title of the section is lost but the text in the section remains. In that case you might want the title repeated in the section text.

In this chapter, you learned about enhancing your documents by applying character and paragraph formatting, using the permanent pen and the highlighter, and adding links, tables, and sections. In the next chapter, you learn how to create attachments.

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