Chapter 8. Advanced Timeline Video and Audio Editing


49 Control Interlacing and Field Options

50 Freeze a Frame

51 Make a Clip Semi-Transparent

52 Add Narration to Your Movie

53 Track Audio Volume

54 Raise, Lower, and Normalize Sound Volume

55 Filter Audio with Dynamic Effects

56 Balance Sound over Left and Right Channels

57 Add an Interactive Marker

This chapter continues where Chapter 6, "Editing on the Timeline," left off. Advanced editing gives you the ability to change video field properties, freeze a frame and change clip opacity, add narration, enhance and control audio, add interactive content for Web use, and combine multiple projects into one.

This chapter is considered advanced because it takes you beyond the simple cutting of clips. As you work with analog video, you will probably hear the terms interlaced and deinterlaced. You will learn how to deal with issues that arise from these two video display methods. You will also look at the opacity, or the transparency, of a clip, and see how simple it can be to make your clip semi-transparent. When you are ready to create your first major documentary, narration will be important, so you will learn how to add that to your movie project. Audio is a major part of most projects and can sometimes need a little tweaking. You will see where the options are that allow you to control how your audio sounds, and make sure that the audio you use is of the best possible quality and balance.

Video is widely used on the Internet these days. Many websites have video introductions that start when you enter the site. You will learn how to create an interactive video that you can use on a website and that will allow your video to interact with other sites, pages, or images on the Internet.

Lastly, you will discover the ease of copying your Timeline, or parts of it, from one project to another. This might not seem like a big deal right now, but you will probably need to do this at some time.

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