Corporate Network (Voice, Data and Video)

Communication needs as well as information management among various corporate businesses drove the development of the so-called Backus Corporate Network, fully designed by QUIPUDATA. The network was launched in 1992 to provide telephone and data connections among the Lima breweries. And a later stage, the Motupe and Pucallpa plants were added through satellite linkups. At present, the corporate network provides voice and data communication among all production plants, affiliates and distribution centers in Lima and the provinces, connecting approximately 2,300 PC's and supplying internal telephone communication among the various locations.

Among the services provided by QUIPUDATA to the Backus Corporation through this corporate network is access to various information systems set up in the central computer, as well as local area network applications. Other facilities include electronic mail communication among users, telephone communication among localities and corporation companies through an extension four digit network, data transfer from and to any network station, assistance to all corporate businesses for introducing, servicing and optimizing their IT infrastructure, and finally, Internet access through an independent browsing and electronic e-mail system that provide secure and controlled access to the private network.

Additionally, QUIPUDATA manages and provides centralized support to the voice communications network, centralized management of the data network using remote support tools for users, hardware and software inventory-keeping at the beer factories and distribution centers, mass software distribution and monitoring and preventive identification of failures for critical network equipment.

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