Using the Balanced Scorecard approach, this tool provides a comprehensive view of organizational development based on indicators covering all relevant levels and aspects of the company's management. Moreover, it provides an early warning system to identify deviations from fixed goals by means of a graphic warning mechanism while recording the cause-effect relationships within each performance indicator and their fluctuations over time, thus allowing improvement or innovation organizational initiatives. It can be easily introduced into any management model thanks to its flexibility and smooth operation.

This system allows users to create management assessment, in various aspects and sub-aspects as necessary. For each such component, users must identify representative indicators.

Each indicator is standardized following a guide including eight criteria that are recorded within the system:

  1. Mathematical expression.

  2. Conceptual expression defining the indicator itself.

  3. Proposed objective for indicator measurements.

  4. Benchmarks.

  5. Accountability, responsible action identified through indicator data.

  6. Indicator reading points and measurement tools.

  7. Frequency.

  8. Information system, data sources.

One of QDMonitor's most relevant aspects is the option to include analytical comments about results actions by the person charged with introducing improvements for those results, and indicator estimates after introducing corrective actions. This feature allows defining action lines and direct efforts.

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