Craig ThomsonBeanstream Internet Commerce Inc. President

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Craig Thomson
Beanstream Internet Commerce Inc.

Technological competence is central to the health and future success of a modern enterprise. With a proven record of leadership combined with 12 years of success as a high-tech CEO, Craig Thomson has the ideal background to lead Beanstream. As Founder and President of Paradon, Mr. Thomson has been awarded the prestigious “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” (1994) in manufacturing, wholesale and distribution for Pacific Canada by Ernst and Young. His company was listed on Profit Magazine’s Profit 100 list as one of the fastest growing Canadian companies for 1996. He is a member of the University of Victoria Board of Advisors to the Faculty of Business and has been involved with YEO since its inception. Mr. Thomson received his degree in Computer Engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada. Prior to Paradon he spent eight years as a Naval officer working in combat systems and specializing in the areas of data security, encryption and digital communications.

  • Company’s main products or services:

    Beanstream is a financial and authentication services company. We provide a wide range of cost effective and universally available Internet accessibility tools and applications to enable payment processing and risk management for businesses and their consumers.

  • Number of employees:

    Fewer than 200.

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