Using Groups in Views


Groups are a concept best explained with a visual example. Let's say you want to view your Gantt chart in a way that shows all the tasks on the critical path together, and then within that group , shows tasks grouped by their Percent Work Complete values. Critical tasks can often be spread all over a view if it is shown in the normal ungrouped format of the Gantt chart.

This is how such a Gantt chart would look with a grouping as described here.

graphics/one_icon.jpg The Critical Tasks grouping has a yellow band , and those tasks with a Yes value (the tasks that are critical) appear at the top.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Within this grouping is a second set of groups that sorts the tasks according to their Percent Work Complete values.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Also note that the values of the fields shown roll up the group structure much like they would a summary task structure. This field shows us that for the entire group of critical tasks, the total Percent Work Complete value for the group is 2%.

graphics/four_icon.jpg The total Work for the noncritical tasks is 14 hours.

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