Making a Photo Album

When you create a new folder in the My Documents folder, you can customize it for pictures, music, and videos by applying a folder template, which is a collection of folder task links and viewing options. When you apply a template to a folder, you apply specific features to the folder, such as specialized commands in the task pane and viewing options for working explicitly with pictures, music, and videos . If you have a folder with pictures, you can use the Photo Album folder template to display the pictures in the folder as a filmstrip by default when you open the folder. Since Filmstrip view displays a large image of the selected picture in the folder, the Photo Album template works best for picture storage folders with only a few pictures. Otherwise, you would need to continually scroll to locate and display pictures in the folder.

Make a Photo Album


Right-click the folder you want to make a photo album, and then click Properties.


Click the Customize tab.


Click the Use This Folder Type As A Template list arrow, and then click Photo Album (Best For Fewer Files).


If you want, select the Apply This Template To All Subfolders check box.


Click OK.


Double-click the folder to display the pictures in Flimstrip view.


Did You Know?

You can display Thumbnail view by default . Right-click the folder, click Properties, click the Customize tab, select the Pictures template, and then click OK.

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