E-Mailing a Picture

If you have one or more photos, pictures, or documents that you want to share with others, you can send them in an e-mail as attachments. Before you send photos or pictures in an e-mail as an attachment, you typically need to resize them in a separate graphics program so your recipient can view them with minimal scrolling, open your e-mail program, and then attach the files. With Windows XP you can send a photo or picture in an e-mail message without having to resize it in a separate graphics program, or even open your e-mail program. Using the E-Mail command in the task pane of any folder window, Windows XP simply asks how you want to size the photos and pictures, and then opens an e-mail message window with the attached files from your default e-mail program. All you need to do is address the message, add any message text, and then send it.

E-Mail a Picture


Open the folder containing the picture you want to send in e-mail.


Select the picture.


Click E-Mail This File.


Click the Make All My Pictures Smaller or Keep The Original Sizes option.


To select a specific picture size, click Show More Options.


Click OK to open your e-mail program, displaying an e-mail message with a file attachment.


Type an e-mail address.


Click Send.



See Also

See " Sending and Retrieving a File " on page 156 for information on sending a file in an e-mail message.

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