Sharing Programs and Documents

If you need to share information in a specific program or document with others in a conference, you can use Windows Messenger to share your documents and programs. Others can see your document and the program on their computer screens. They cannot work with the document until you give them access to it. The user who clicks the program window "takes control" of the program and can then run any menu commands or make changes to the document. If you have a multi-player game, such as Age of Empires II, installed on both computers, you can play the game using Windows Messenger. Any game installed on your computer that uses the DirectPlayLobby interface appears as an option on the menu.

Share a Program or Document


From the desktop, open the program or document you want to share.


Double-click the Windows Messenger icon in the notification area of the taskbar, and then sign in, if necessary.


Double-click the contact you want to send an instant message.


Click Start Application Sharing, and then wait for the other person to accept the invitation .


Click App Sharing.


Select the item you want to share.


Click Share. If you want, share other items.


To allow others to control the shared item, click Allow Control.


Select the check boxes to specify the type of control you want to allow.


When you're done, click the Close button.



Use the Shared Program or Document


Click the shared program or document.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Wait for others to ask for control of the program or document. Only one person at a time can have control.

If you want control of the program or document, click the Control menu, and then click Request Control.


Accept or decline the request. If you accept, wait for the person to make changes.


To regain control of the program or document, click your mouse.


To change sharing setting, click App Sharing, click the program or document you want to change, click Unshare, and then click Close.


When you're done, click Close to end the sharing session.


Did You Know?

You can also share your desktop or a folder . Instead of selecting a program or document, you can select the desktop or a folder window.

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