Inserting a Table


A table organizes information neatly into rows and columns . The intersection of a column and row is called a cell . Enter text into cells just as you would anywhere else in PowerPoint, except that pressing the Tab key moves you from one cell to the next . PowerPoint tables behave much like tables in Word. You don't need to have Microsoft Word installed on your computer to create tables in your presentations.

Insert a Table Quickly


In Normal view, display the slide to which you want to add a table.


Click the Insert Table button on the Standard toolbar.


Drag to select the number of rows and columns you want.


Release the mouse button to insert a blank grid in the document.


Click outside of the table when you are finished.


Enter Text and Move Around a Table

The insertion point shows where text you type will appear in a table. Choose one of the following after you type text in a cell.

  • Press Return to start a new paragraph within that cell.

  • Press Tab to move the insertion point to the next cell to the right (or to the first cell in the next row).

  • Use the arrow keys or click anywhere in the table to move the insertion point to a new location.


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