Selecting a Column or Row

You can select one or more columns or rows in a worksheet in order to apply formatting attributes, insert or delete columns or rows, or perform other group actions. The header buttons above each column and to the left of each row indicate the letter or number of the column or row. You can select multiple columns or rows even if they are non-contiguous ”that is, not next to one another in the worksheet.

Select a Column or Row


Click the column or row header button of the column or row you want to select.


Select Multiple Columns or Rows


Drag the mouse over the header buttons of any contiguous columns or rows you want to select.


To select non-contiguous columns or rows, press and hold Ctrl while clicking each additional column or row header button.


Did You Know?

You can select the entire worksheet quickly . Click the Select All button located above the row number 1 and the left of column A.

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