Publishing a Web Page


At times, you'll want to publish a copy of your current workbook in HTML format directly to a Web server (a computer on the Internet or intranet that stores Web pages) so others can view and manipulate your data. Publishing to a Web server is as simple as saving a file. A worksheet saved as a Web page retains all its spreadsheet, charting, or PivotTable functionality and formatting properties. This interactivity means that while your worksheet is on the Web, others can manipulate your data. You can elect to let anyone using Internet Explorer 4.01 or later interact with your data from Excel.

Save and Publish a Worksheet as an Interactive Web Page


Select the cell (s) you want saved as a Web page.


Click the File menu, and then click Save As Web Page.


If necessary, click the Selection: range address option to publish the selected range.


To add interactivity to your Web document, click the Add Interactivity check box.


Type the name for the Web page or Web address.


Click Publish.


Select the items you want to publish in the Web page.


Click the Add Interactivity With list arrow, and then click Spreadsheet, PivotTable, or other Office Web Component.


Click Publish.



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Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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