Viewing Field Properties

Text Field Properties



Field Size

Specify the maximum number of characters (up to 255) that can be entered in the field.


Specify how the data for the field will appear on the screen.

Input Mask

Specify a format or pattern in which data must be entered.


Enter a label for the field when used on a form. If you don't enter a caption, Access uses the field name as the label.

Default Value

Specify a value that Access enters automatically.

Validation Rule

Enter an expression that limits the values that can be entered in this field.

Validation Text

Enter an error message that appears when a value prohibited by the validation rule is entered.


Indicate whether data entry is required.

Allow Zero Length

Specify if field allows zero length text strings.


Indicate whether Access will keep an index of field values.

Unicode Compression

Indicate whether you want Access to save space if only plain text is entered.


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Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
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