Creating a Database Using a Template

The quickest way to create a database is to use a template, which you can find on the Office Online Web site. Office Online provides database templates on a variety of subjects, including finance, inventory control, and order status. The New File task pane contains a link to access the templates area on the Office Online Web site. You can browse the site for templates, and then download the ones you want. Before you start the downloading process, be sure to carefully read the download and any installation instructions. Some of the templates on the site were created for earlier versions of Access, but you can use them with Office Access 2003.

Get Templates on the Web


Click the File menu, and then click New.


Click Templates On Office Online to open the Microsoft Web Office Online site in your browser.


Click the link to the template you want.


Click Download Now, and then follow the online instructions.


Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
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