Stepping Through a Database Wizard

The choices that appear as you progress through a database wizard depend on the kind of information the database is designed to manage. All the wizards, however, share certain features.


Database Wizard Choices

Wizard Choice


Field selection

The wizard presents a list of tables it will include in the database. Each table requires certain fields. You can click a table to see which fields it includes. Required fields are checked; optional fields appear in italics. To include an optional field in your database, click its check box.

Report style

You can choose from a set of report styles, such as Bold, Casual, or Corporate. Report styles give printed reports a professional look.

Screen style

Access offers a set of visual styles for on-screen database objects that use a variety of color , font, and background enhancements. Click the style you want to see a sample of.

Name and picture

Access provides a default name for its wizard databases, but you can enter your own. You can also include a picture with your database.

Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
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