Creating a Workgroup Information File

When you install Access, the Setup program automatically creates a workgroup information file for you. The workgroup is identified by the Workgroup ID (WID), a text string that the Setup program automatically creates based on your name and organization. Since this information can be determined by unauthorized users, you may want to create a new version of the workgroup information file, and with it a new WID, not so easily determined. Only someone who knows the WID will be able to create a copy of your workgroup information file and thus potentially gain access to Access's administrative accounts.

Create a Workgroup Information File


Open a database.


Click the Tools menu, point to Security, and then click Workgroup Administrator.


Click Create.


Type your name or the name of the Access database administrator.


Type the name of your organization.


Type any combination of up to 20 numbers and letters for the workgroup ID (keep this information in your records).


Click OK.


Type a new name and location for the new workgroup information file.


Click OK.


Click OK twice to confirm.


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Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
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