Joining a Workgroup

If you have several workgroup information files, you may have to choose which workgroup to join before starting Microsoft Access. You can do so with the same Workgroup Administrator program used to create new workgroup information files. Once you join a workgroup, Access uses that workgroup as the default group each time it starts ”until you join a different group .

Join a Workgroup


Open a database.


Click the Tools menu, point to Security, and then click Workgroup Administrator.


Click Join.


Enter the location and filename of the workgroup information file for the workgroup you want to join.


Click OK.


Click OK to confirm the change.


Did You Know?

You can use the Security Wizard . Create and join a workgroup using the Security Wizard within Access. To start the wizard, click Security on the Tools menu, and then click User-Level Security Wizard.

You can locate the Workgroup Administrator . If you cannot find the Workgroup Administrator, return to your Access Setup program and choose this option from the set of installation options.

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Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
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