• The DataGridView object represents a tabular (row-and-column format) display of data.

  • DataGridViewColumn objects provide a DataGridViewCell object template for the DataGridViewRow objects.

  • You use styles to change the look of the DataGridView object. You can assign styles to individual cells, rows, or columns, or to the complete DataGridView object.

  • The DataGridView object has three modes of operation: bound mode, unbound mode, and virtual mode.

  • In virtual mode, you can implement just-in-time data loading when large amounts of data need to be available to the user and the user will select the data to be viewed.

  • The DataGridView object can be bound to a database, Web service, or object.

  • Resource usage is minimized by sharing DataGridViewRow instances, but you must be careful with the calls that you make in your code because you can cause one or more rows to become unshared.

  • The DataGridView object provides many events that are related to cells, columns, and rows.


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