mount_volfs [-o   mount_options   ]   mount_point   


Mounts the volfs filesystem in /.vol . The volfs filesystem enables the Carbon File Manager API to map a file ID to a file, without knowing the BSD path to it. Thus, HFS aliases, which use file IDs, remain consistent, even if the targets of the aliases move around within the volume.

The /.vol directory contains subdirectories named with numeric IDs, each associated with a volume on the system. While the directories appear empty if listed, with a file or directory ID one can access any object on those volumes . A file ID is a unique number associated with each file on a volume (analogous to an inode number on a UFS-formatted filesystem), and can be viewed with the - i option of ls .

If you know a file's ID, you can access it as /.vol/vol_ID/file_ID . If you know the ID of the directory the file is in, you can also access it as /.vol/vol_ID/dir_ID/filename . The root directory of a volume always has a directory ID of 2, so you can map volume IDs to volumes with:

 %  cd /.vol/   vol_ID   /2; pwd  



Takes - o options as listed in the mount manpage . Not normally used for mount_volfs .


The directory on which the filesystem will be mounted, normally /.vol .



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