Development Center Views

The Development Center has four main views (as shown in Figure D.13):

  • Server view. Allows you to look at objects that exist at the server, which may or not be part of your current project. From the Server view, you can import objects into your current project so that it also appears in your Project view.

  • Project view. Allows you to navigate between projects. Currently, only one project is open (Project1). It is also possible to open multiple projects at the same time.

  • Output view. Keeps a history of actions taken and resulting messages of each action.

  • Editor view. Not opened by default, but you have seen it already (refer to Figure D.12). It is opened automatically if you edit or view source code for an object. When you launch the Editor view, you may notice that the Editor window is its own stand-alone window (by default). In some cases, it can be inefficient to switch between the main Development Center window and the Editor view. Therefore, in the next section, we show you how to customize Development Center to help you be more productive.

Figure D.13. The views of Development Center.

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