Two-Minute Drill

Here are some of the key points from the certification objectives in Chapter 11.

Understanding DNS: Zones, Domains, and Delegation


DNS is based on the Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND), using the named daemon.


Key packages include bind-chroot, which adds security by supporting DNS in a chroot jail.

The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND)


Critical DNS configuration files include /etc/named.conf and the files in the /var/named directory.


Caching-only DNS servers store requests and their associated IP addresses on a computer.


Slave DNS servers need to point to a master DNS server, with the appropriate masters directive in /etc/named.conf.


Every time you change DNS, remember to update the serial number in your zone file. Otherwise, other DNS servers don't realize that you've changed anything.

BIND Utilities


There are a number of BIND utilities that can help you manage the service, including rndc and rndc-confgen. Others can help you check the database, including dig and host.

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