List of Tables

Chapter 4: Looking Behind the Scenes at Web Service Protocols

Table 4.1:  Entries within the WSDL Document

Chapter 6: Making .NET Web Services Available to Others

Table 6.1:  The UDDI Data Structures
Table 6.2:  The Five Key .disco Entries That Programs Can Use to Discover Web Services

Chapter 9: Securing Communication between a Web Service and a Client

Table 9.1:  The Purpose of Layers within the Seven-Layer ISO/OSI Network Model

Chapter 12: Examining Key Web Service Files

Table 12.1:  Support Files Created by Visual Studio .NET for the Web Services You Create
Table 12.2:  Entries Common to a .NET Assembly
Table 12.3:  Files That Visual Studio .NET Creates That Use the .asmx Extension for Each Web Service You Create
Table 12.4:  Three Files with the Name Global That Use the .asax File Extension
Table 12.5:  Entries Common to the Web.config File

Chapter 13: Unlocking Remote Access

Table 13.1:  Windows Account Types That Define the Service’s Context

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