Chapter 7: Adding Movies


Daniel teaches high school biology to gifted students. Every year, he assigns his class members to create a presentation. After several years of working with the students by himself to improve how the presentations looked , he brought me in to help the students create their presentations.

Each student needs to create a PowerPoint presentation of at least 15 minutes that shows the lifecycle of one of the plants or animals we have studied this year. Each presentation must contain static and animated elements, as well as a movie showing the lifecycle of the plant or animal.

Originally, everyone used the same computer to create their movies. However, as technology has moved into the home environment, more and more of our students are creating their movies outside the classroom. This is causing problems when it comes time to play the presentations for the rest of the class because the movies won't always play on the school computer, even though they play on the students' computers.

I would love it if you could do a session or two with the class members on movies and PowerPoint. I think it would help them considerably.

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Kathy Jacobs On PowerPoint
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