Who Expatriates Are

Who Expatriates Are

Expatriates are managers who live and work in a country that is not their own. They are often referred to as home-country nationals: that is, individuals who belong to the country in which the company has its headquarters. Not all expatriates are necessarily home-country nationals. There are many reasons why a global company may choose to deploy expatriates rather than employ host-country nationals. These reasons include:

  • Expatriates are well-thought-of managers with a successful track record. The company therefore trusts them to advance its interests in a new locale.

  • The expatriates possess the necessary mind and skills-sets to make a significant professional contribution. Their skill-sets include their technical background and expertise. Their mind-sets reflect their personal orientation that is in synchrony with the company's core values and culture.

  • The company is interested in developing a pool of global managers with intercultural competencies. Expatriates from this pool can be rotated constantly among its various international operations.

  • The company may espouse the notion that it uses the best talent in the world and is therefore not limited by ethnicity or any other cultural determinant.

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