Changing Duration

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The duration of a note is defined as the length between its attack and its release. Rather than having to change the duration of MIDI notes one by one, using one of the editors, you can modify the duration of all of the notes within a particular sequence using the Change Duration function. This function will change the duration of the notes without changing the location of the attack times.




  • Set. The value you enter will be used for all of the durations.

  • Add. The value you enter will be added to the durations in the selection.

  • Subtract. The value you enter will be subtracted from the durations in the selection.

  • Scale. Enter a percentage value, and the durations in the selection will be increased by this amount.

  • Limit. Set an upper and lower value, and all of the notes in the selection will get the longest or shortest value that you specify.

  • Move releases. With this option, the release of each note in the selection will be moved to the closest attack.

  • Extent releases. The notes will be extended until they reach the start of the next note.


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