Recipe 2.14 Creating a Task


2.14.1 Problem

Eclipse tasks in the Tasks view serve as reminders of things you need to do. For example, compilation errors appear in the Tasks view; you can click them to jump to the lines containing the errors. So, how can you add and manage your own tasks to the Tasks view?

2.14.2 Solution

You can create a task in the Tasks view by right-clicking the view and selecting New Task. This opens the New Task dialog, in which you can create the task.

2.14.3 Discussion

The New Task dialog is shown in Figure 2-12. Enter the name of the new task, select a priority level, and click OK.

Figure 2-12. Creating a new task

You also can create a new task by right-clicking the marker bar in an editor and selecting Add Task. You can also click the button with three + signs in the Tasks view's toolbar.

The new task will appear in the Tasks view, as shown in Figure 2-13.

Figure 2-13. The new task

You can delete tasks you add to the Tasks view by right-clicking them and clicking the Delete button or by selecting the tasks and pressing the Delete key.

Tasks also have a completion status, which you can set by right-clicking the tasks and clicking Mark Completed. When you want to delete all completed tasks, right-click the Tasks view, and click Delete Completed Tasks.

2.14.4 See Also

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