Recipe 6.8 Checking Projects Out of a CVS Repository


6.8.1 Problem

Someone wants to check out a project of yours from the CVS repository.

6.8.2 Solution

In Eclipse, right-click a file in the CVS Repositories view, and click Check Out As. Then use the Check Out dialog to check out the item.

6.8.3 Discussion

If other people want to check out a module that you've stored in a CVS repository, they have to create a connection to the repository as we did earlier in this chapter. To do this, they should right-click the CVS Repositories view; select New Repository Location; and enter the name of the CVS server, the location of the repository, the username, the password, and the type of connection.

They can then open the CVS Repositories view to explore the files in the repository. To check out the GreetingApp module, they can right-click the module in the Repositories view and click Check Out As from the context menu. Eclipse will open the New Project dialog and automatically create a new project corresponding to the CVS module.

If you're sharing an Eclipse project, and each CVS module has its own Eclipse .project file, you can select Check Out As Project from the Repositories view's context menu, which checks out an Eclipse project and adds it to the Package Explorer. Note that if your code isn't in a project of a kind that Eclipse can recognize, it will ask you what type of project to create.

6.8.4 See Also

Chapter 4 of Eclipse (O'Reilly).

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