Chapter 8. Developing for the Web

Developing for the Web is bread and butter for Ant developers. There is a wide spectrum of tasks at your disposal: Chapter 4 introduced packaging and deploying applicationsincluding Web applicationswith the move, copy, ftp, telnet, sshexec, and mail tasks, but Ant offers more. This chapter covers the tasks specifically designed for packaging Web applications, such as war, cab, ear, and jspc, and for deploying them, such as get, serverdeploy, and scp. I'll cover the custom Ant tasks targeted to specific servers such as deploy, reload, and undeploy. And there's more to come: Chapter 9 covers the many optional Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) tasks Ant supports.

    Ant. The Definitive Guide
    Ant: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition
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