Working with Color Sets

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Working with Color Sets

A color set is a series of colors that have been grouped logically to make them easier to manage. Color sets are organized by the names of the colors or by the color relationship. Painter comes with a variety of color sets you can load. Alternatively, you can create your own sets. You can select colors from color sets instead of from the Colors palette.




Loading Color Sets

Painter comes with several color sets you can load and use.




Creating Color Sets

In a previous section, you learned how to create a color set from the Mixer palette. You can also create color sets from an image with which you are working. This is particularly useful when you are working with photographs because you can match all the colors in the photo by creating a color set based on that image. You can also create color sets from layers in an open document, or by picking certain colors.

Creating Color Sets from Existing Images

You can create color sets from entire images or from layers in an image. You must have the image open before you can create a color set from it.


Creating Color Sets from Scratch

To create a new color set, you can select colors using the Colors palette or the Eyedropper tool.




Saving Color Sets

After you have created a color set, you can save it for future use.



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