9.1 Breaks

One often needs to arbitrarily continue flowing information at the start of the next line, column, or page.

  • If there is no change to static content, you need not use a new page sequence to begin on a new page.

  • You may need to continue at the top of an even page number or odd page number.

    • You may need to introduce a blank page that can be accommodated in the page sequence master.

Breaking at the line level can be done with an empty block object.

  • Adding a block of zero lines to the flow interrupts the block-progression direction.

  • <block/> behaves somewhat like the HTML br element.

  • Multiple breaks in a row do not create multiple lines, unlike HTML;

    • the areas created by the blocks do not have any dimensions;

  • they can be nested inside of a block of lines without being considered an error.

  • This is not appropriate for typical program listings or other monospace presentations.

    • See discussion of preservation of white space in .

Breaking at the column or page level can be done with the break-before and break-after properties on a block.

  • The block may be empty;

  • it can specify a break to the next column;

  • it can specify a break to the next page

    • regardless of page parity,

    • to the next even or odd page.

Specifying a break does not mean forcing a break.

  • The property specifies a condition to be met, not an action to be performed.

  • If the information already satisfies the break requirement, nothing is added to the rendering of the flow.

Forcing a break requires two uses of break-before .

  • One is with an empty block to put an empty block at the top of the blank page.

    • An empty block on a page is not a blank page even though the block cannot be seen.

  • The other is with the first block of the subsequent page to move off the page with the empty block.

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