Playing the Game

Preparing for the Game

Consider the working context of your customer in preparing for this game. You may need special preparations or approvals because of safety, privacy, security, or related factors. Addressing these items early in the planning process will make certain that you have time to handle all the necessary details before playing the game. A detailed examination of these factors is beyond the scope of this book because laws governing this behavior vary considerably by country.

This game often takes longer than other games. Depending on the location of your customers and the factors mentioned above, it may also cost more money.

Me and My Shadow can be used anytime, but you'll obtain the best results when you try this technique on nontraditional customer segments. To illustrate, consider segmenting your customers by experience: new customers, customers who have used your product for one month, six months, and one year or more. Alternatively, try segmenting your customers based on perceived motivation: those who want to use your product, those who are indifferent about using your product, and those who don't want to use your product but cannot find or justify an alternative, and in rare cases, those who may be forced to use your product. Although you may not be able to change their motivation for using your product, you will find that you develop different insights from each group.

Although you'll try your best to miss nothing, chances are pretty good that you'll miss a lot of things. That's understandable, because there is often so much to see that it is hard to know what to observe. Do the best that you can and don't expect that to be perfect. Take comfort in the knowledge that making the commitment to develop customer understanding using these games will put you ahead of your competition.

As you prepare to play the game, consider exactly who will join you at the customer site. You probably won't need a helper or a facilitator. You will still need observers and a photographer. Inquire about any security policies because you may have to obtain special badges or access permissions for your team. You may also need special permission to bring along cameras.


  • Notepads or notebooks

  • Recording devices appropriate to the task at hand as approved by your customer

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