How I Can Use Spider Web

Processing the Results

The relationships captured in Spider Web diagrams don't often provide definitive answers. Instead, they provide starting points for further, more detailed discussions. Here are some questions that you can use to help you process the results:

  • What kind of entities are related to your product? Are they people? Objects? Locations? Conceptual ideas? Other companies? How can you leverage these relationships to create more revenue?

  • What kind of relationship was created by your customer? Are you sharing work products or artifacts, as in a supply chain? Are the products sharing data?

  • Do the entities represent areas you should explore to gain a better understanding of your customer? Keep in mind that anything you find surprising should be strongly considered for further exploration.

  • Do the relationships represent current reality? Are they part of a planned future? Or do they represent a potential future?

  • What happens if you change the focus of control between your product and other products drawn by your customer?

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