The Arrogant Worms One of my favorite groups! They're Canadian and have written several alternatives to the Canadian national anthem, "O, Canada!," including "Canada's Really Big," "Rocks and Trees," and "We Are the Beaver." The Arrogant Worms have released about a dozen CDs, but, as far as I know, they've yet to perform a serious song.

MerleFest: the Americana Music Celebration An annual Americana music festival held in North Carolina in honor of Doc and Merle Watson, with over a hundred scheduled bands and artists. If you're into fiddle, banjo, or folk guitar, plan on being there. An Internet radio station that gives you nonstop polka music.

Whole Wheat Radio An Internet radio station based in Talkeetna, Alaska, with a rich and varied collection of alternative and folk music. They have highly eclectic tastes are open to listener suggestions.

Kelly Wright Kelly Wright, a fabulous vocalist. Not only does she sing beautifully and really belt out the numbers on stage, she's got a dazzling career doing voiceovers for commercials, computer games, and children's toys.

Lorne Elliott Lorne Elliott is a very funny singer and entertainer. You can periodically hear one of his songs, "Morris the Moose," on Dr. Demento's show. (Check out or listen to shows online at

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Amusements Jokes, stories, and fun stuff for musicians. Some of the links on this page are inactive, but keep looking; there are some gems here.

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    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage
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