Cartoons and Movies

Albino Blacksheep Amazing and silly animations of all kinds.

AtomFilms Independent films of all sizes and shapes. Be sure to check out Bill Plympton's cartoons (start with "Your Face" and "25 Ways to Quit Smoking") and Nick "Wallace and Gromit" Park's claymations. Caution: not everything on this site is office-safe.

User Friendly the Comic Strip This comic strip focuses on life at an Internet service provider and tech support facility. Deliciously funny if you work in high-tech or know anyone who does.

Pot-Shots Those wonderful postcards from Ashleigh Brilliant that we all know.

IFILMMovies, Trailers, Music, and Viral Videos Where AtomFilms feels a bit fringier, IFILM is a little more mainstream... well, at times, anyway. You can find movies, music videos, TV clips, even SuperBowl ads. Be sure to check out the Viral Videos collection.

Stick Figure Death Theatre Evolving from just a few simple computer animations into a website with thousands of cartoons, all of which seem to involve one or more stick figures being horribly killed in more ways than Kenny on "South Park." "A website to the detriment of good film." If your tastes run to the B-movie or lower, find out how to reach new heights in low taste with the recommendations here.

Oh, the Humanity! More bad movies (aka "The Ghost of the Son of New Heights in Low Taste Returns Again Once More!").

Golden Age Cartoons A collection of cartoons and comic strips from Hollywood's Golden Age.

Singing Horses A charming little Shockwave animation. Click each of the horses in turn to get it singing its part of the quartet. It takes a little practice to get the timing right, but it's worth it.

Calvin and Hobbes "Calvin and Hobbes" strips, run 14 years to the day after they originally appeared in syndication.

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    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage
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