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Apache Axis™ is an attempt by the Apache Group to create an open source Web Services tool that is compatible with other available systems such as Microsoft’s .NET. Several features that were missing from Apache SOAP appear in this release.

This release is a complete rewrite of Java Web Services. Apache Axis has its roots in IBM’s Web Services toolkit. At one point, the project transferred from IBM to the Apache Group.


It is important to note that this chapter is based on a Beta release from the Summer of 2002. It is possible that there will be differences between the examples generated with the Beta version in this chapter that may end up having some incompatibilities with the release version that comes out in the Fall of 2002.

Some of the best features found in Axis deal with creating WSDL. Apache Axis makes WSDL easily available; you’ll see in Chapter 9 that this makes it quite easy to interact with .NET. The WSDL tools also generate Java proxy code that makes it much easier to write a client. These WSDL tools are similar to Microsoft’s WSDL tool discussed in Chapter 6.

This chapter begins by discussing the prerequisites for using Apache Axis on your system.

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