Running the WBEM Server

Once all this compilation and loading is complete, the WBEM server, cimserver , is ready to be started. Type:

 cimserver [ [ options ]  [ configProperty=value, ... ] ] 

where the options include:

  • -v to display the CIM server version number

  • -h to print a list of options

  • -s to shut down the CIM server (you must be logged in as root to enter this command ” otherwise use the kill command)

  • -D [home] to set Pegasus home directory (which is not needed if the environment variables given above are set)

  • configProperty=value to set a CIM server configuration property (for a list of the keywords which may be used here, run cimconfig -l )

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A Practical Approach to WBEM[s]CIM Management
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