Using the CD

The companion CD contains all the examples from the book plus two additional applications—the Autorun and Example Browser applications. Both applications come with full source code, and you’re free to use this source code in your applications.

I’ve created the Example Browser application for three reasons:

  1. To show how to use the TTreeView component

  2. To show how to create a VCL/VCL.NET application that can be compiled as a native Win32 application and a managed .NET application

  3. To give you a user-friendly way of browsing and accessing the book’s examples

The Autorun application was created to help you browse the CD and to show you how to build odd-shaped windows. The Autorun application’s source code contains a very useful function that creates window regions from a bitmap, so you’ll be able to create great-looking applications in no time.

I hope you’ll have fun reading the book, and that you’ll find the examples informative and useful.

Inside Delphi 2006
Inside Delphi 2006 (Wordware Delphi Developers Library)
ISBN: 1598220039
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 212
Authors: Ivan Hladni

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