Reporting Broken Websites

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Broken websites exist. However, some websites are broken in Firefox but continue to work well when viewed with other browsers. This is usually the result of a rendering or other issue where Firefox received data from the site that either was not properly designed or uses a functionality that is not supported. Of course, this could also result from programming bugs.

To report a broken website, select Help, Report Broken Web Site from Firefox's menu. The first time you use this feature it asks you to accept Mozilla's privacy policy.

After you have accepted the privacy policy, the Report a Broken Web Site dialog box is displayed. The current website's URL is placed in the Web Site URL field (which, if you are not at the broken site, you must change). If the website is password protected, you must mark the check box.

You can choose a problem type from a provided list:

  • Browser Not Supported

  • Can't Log In

  • Plug-in Not Shown

  • Other Content Missing

  • Behavior Wrong

  • Appearance Wrong

  • Other Problem

Below this list is a text box where you should provide whatever details might help Mozilla in determining the problem's cause. Provide as much information as you can; something that seems of little importance to you might be the key to solving the problem.

A final field is provided for your email address. This is optional. However, if you don't provide an email address, your report is therefore anonymous and if Mozilla is unable to determine the problem, they cannot do anything more. Providing an email address allows Mozilla to contact you if they have any questions.

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