Managing Folders

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Your email folders in Thunderbird are similar to folders you have on your disk drive. The mail folders are located in your profile, with Local Folders being located in a subfolder called mail. This would look like this: \profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\mail, where xxxxxxxx.default is your profile.

Under Local Folders, Thunderbird creates some more folders:

  • Inbox The default location in which Thunderbird places your newly received email messages. You can set an option to send incoming emails to a folder specifically for the account or another account's folders.

  • Drafts Folder where you save messages without sending them. At a later time, these messages can be reopened, edited, and saved or sent.

  • Templates Patterns used to create email messages. The template can have formatting, text, and header information included.

  • Sent Folder where a copy of each email you send is saved. This way, you can later review any messages you have sent.

  • Trash The location where deleted messages are placed. The Trash folder can be emptied explicitly, or Thunderbird can empty the trash when closing.

New folders can be created by right-clicking an existing folder and selecting New Folder in the context menu.

Looking at Figure 11.1, you see Thunderbird, as of the end of the last chapter. You see News & Blogs, Local Folders, a set of folders for one of the two email accounts (, and a set of folders for the other email account (

Figure 11.1. Folders, in the default Classic Thunderbird view, are listed on the left side. They are displayed in a tree-view format.

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