Labeling Messages

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Messages have one label the subject (this is almost always true because the sender might occasionally forget to enter one). You can, however, add other labeling to your messages in Thunderbird.

Thunderbird allows you to label messages with an attribute, such as the following:

  • 0 None, where there is no special label on the message. This is the default value. Messages with a none label are listed in black text, bold for unread, and normal for read messages.

  • 1 Important, for messages you feel are important, or at least more important than others. Important messages are listed in red, so they stand out.

  • 2 Work, for messages that are work related. Your work messages are listed in orange.

  • 3 Personal, which marks your personal messages to differentiate them from nonpersonal messages. A personal message is listed in green.

  • 4 To Do, indicating that you need to do something, such as research and reply, or some other deferred action. A to-do message is listed in blue text.

  • 5 Later, which lets you mark a message as being one you will take action on at a later time. Messages marked for later are listed in magenta.

All the label colors can be reset in the Options dialog box (see Figure 11.2). Select Tools, Options in the menu; then click the Display button on the left side of the Options window. Label colors are located near the bottom of the Options window.

Figure 11.2. Label text and colors can be set, and you can click a button to restore the defaults.

Using labels creates visual clues as to the message and what each message's current state is. If you want to change the descriptive text for the file labels, edit the label's text. In the figure, I changed the label Important to read Important to Me.

Change the text to whatever text you want to use. Labels can be used to allow you to quickly see messages in a label group by selecting View, Messages in the menu.

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