Chapter 14. Maximizing Filters

14. Maximizing Filters

Filters are among Photoshop's most popular features. These specialized add-ons can be used to boost productivity or add special effects. Photoshop ships with over 100 built-in plug-ins, and there is a rich array of others available from third-party developers. Filters are so popular that you'll find more tutorials online than you could ever make it through in a lifetime. There are also several books for sale that are overflowing with filter combinations (or recipes).

Both built-in and third-party filters were run on this image. You would not normally run as many filters on a single image, but you can see just how diverse filters can be.

Photoshop almost did not ship with filters, as many at Adobe thought they were too "gimmicky." However, John Knoll, cocreator of Photoshop, managed to "sneak" them in. Those early execs were partially right, though: When used improperly (or too often) filters can definitely be gimmicky. Think of filters like spices: When used properly they can add to a meal but if overused they can ruin itand no one can live on spices alone.

Third-Party Filters

When you're looking for filters, a great starting place comes to mind: Photoshop User magazine frequently reviews plug-ins. Members of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) often get discounts as well. Go to its site ( and click the Magazine link to find out more.

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