Exporting to PDF

The PDF file format has become the format of choice for creating documents that are easy to share among people using a variety of computer platforms and software applications, but that retain their original appearance (including fonts and images). PDF files can be viewed on computers running OS X, Windows, and even Unix as well as on some mobile devices such as PDAs and cell phones. Exporting your Keynote presentation as a PDF file is a great way to distribute your slides or speaker notes.


With your presentation open, choose File > Export. Click the PDF button.


You can also create PDFs when printing speaker notes. Just click the PDF button in the Print dialog box and choose Save as PDF.


Select either Slides (to print slides only) or Slides With Notes. Then select any of the following print options that you want:

  • Print each stage of builds: Creates a separate image for each stage of an object build.

  • Include skipped slides: Includes skipped slides in the PDF file.

  • Add borders around slides: Shows borders around slides.

  • Include slide numbers: Shows slide numbers next to each thumbnail.


Click Next. Then give the PDF file a name and choose a location for the file.


Click Export.


If the PDF will be used as a hard copy printout, use the Print command. Choose File > Print and choose Save as PDF from the PDF pop-up menu.


Keynote does not give you control over the file size of the PDF. If you need to optimize the file for the Internet, you can use Adobe Acrobat (the full version, not the Reader application). You can choose File > Reduce File Size to optimize the PDF for the Web.

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