Exporting Images

Keynote gives you flexible export options to save your slides as graphicsvery useful for preparing images for inclusion in a page layout program (such as Pages or InDesign). This option is also useful if you want to send slides in email or archive them in your iPhoto library.


With your presentation open, choose File > Export. Click Images.


Select the images you want to export; you can specify all the slides or a page range.


Specify any other export options you want.

  • If you want to create a separate image for each stage of an object build, select "Create an image for each stage of builds."

  • If you want to export your slide images directly into iPhoto, choose "Export images into iPhoto." You will be prompted to name the album.

For this presentation, these options aren't needed.


Choose a file format from the Format pop-up menu:

  • JPEG: JPEG files support variable compression rates that can be optimized for Internet delivery.

  • PNG: PNG files work well for multimedia use and support embedded transparency.

  • TIFF: TIFF files work well for print projects.


Click Next. Then give the file a name and choose a location for the exported file.


Click Export.

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