Exporting to PowerPoint

In Lesson 4, you imported a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and enhanced it. This is usually the desired workflow when using PowerPoint files. However, you can build a presentation in Keynote and then save it as a PowerPoint file.

This can help you if you are creating a presentation that you need to send to a Windows user for additional editing.


With your presentation open, choose File > Export. Click PowerPoint.


Click Next. Then give the slideshow a name and choose a location for the file.


Click Export.

Note that PowerPoint handles graphics differently than Keynote, so there may be slight variations in the exported slideshow (especially on a Windows computer). PowerPoint also does not support some Keynote featuresfor example:

  • Some bulleted text may be lost when you export a Keynote document to PowerPoint. Don't hide the bulleted text on a slide (by deselecting the Body check box in the Slide Inspector).

  • PowerPoint does not recognize alpha-channel graphics. Features like photo cutout frames and transparent images will not work properly.

  • Certain builds and transitions are unique to Keynote and will not export.

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