Pasting Text into the Outline

If you already have text typed elsewhere, you can paste it onto your slides instead of typing it. This can speed things up by cutting down on repeated effort.


Open the program TextEdit in your Applications folder on your hard drive.


Choose File > Open and navigate to the file PresentationText.txt in the Lesson 01 folder.


Click Open to open the text document.

This document contains the remaining text for your presentation.


When you save your slide outline in a word processor, save it as a basic text file (.txt). This will prevent the document from containing formatting that can conflict with a theme's look.

You need to put the text on your clipboard to use it.


Choose Edit > Select All to select all of the text in the document; then choose Edit > Copy to copy the text to the clipboard.


Return to Keynote.


A quick way to switch between open applications is to press Command-Tab. This will display a bar with all open applications. Click the Keynote icon to switch to it.


Click the empty area next to slide 3. Then choose Edit > Paste.

The text is added, and a new slide is created for each paragraph of text.

You need to rearrange the text blocks so the slide title and two bullets appear on each page.


Some of the text contains spelling errors. This is on purpose, and you'll fix it later in the lesson.


Click slide 4 and press the Tab key to indent the text.

The block should indent and now be located on slide 3. Old slide 5 (the tip) now becomes slide 4.

Repeat this indenting action for the next bullet.


Click slide 4 and press the Tab key to indent the text.

That block should also indent and become a bullet on slide 3.


Format the rest of your slides so each has a title and two bullets of information (the last slide has just a title).


When you're done, check your work by looking at 01Presentation1_Stage2.key.

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