Working with the Inspector

The Inspector window is extremely important in Keynote. It contains inspectors with most of the controls you will use to format, stylize, and animate your presentation. It is a good idea to leave the Inspector window open (if it's closed, click the Inspector button on the toolbar). To switch between inspectors for particular tasks, click the appropriate button in the top bar.

The Inspector window gives you access to these inspectors:

  • Document: Set your slideshow properties as well as Spotlight comments.

  • Slide: Create transitions between slides and control slide appearance.

  • Build: Animate the text and other elements on your slide to reveal information.

  • Text: Format the layout of text and bullets on the canvas.

  • Graphic: Control the properties and appearance of graphics.

  • Metrics: Size and position elements.

  • Table: Create and format tables to hold data.

  • Chart: Control the properties of charts and graphs.

  • Hyperlink: Add Web links, links to slides, and Web pages to your presentation.

  • QuickTime: Control the properties of QuickTime files in your document.

You will use the Text, Graphic, and Table Inspectors as you begin your presentation project. You will be working with all of the inspectors in the course of this book.

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