Formatting Text on a Slide

Now that you have completed your outline, you can begin to format your slides. Before you focus on spicing up your slides with photos and animation, you'll want to format the text to achieve a clean and professional layout. Good presentations start with good text.


Choose View > Navigator.

The navigator view is good for browsing and modifying your presentation. It displays two columns. The left column contains a thumbnail for each slide, and the right column shows the slide canvas, which is an editable version of the slide.


Click the thumbnail for slide 1 to select it.

You are going to change the first slide to accommodate a photo and title.


Click the Masters button and choose Title Center.

The background color changes, as does the layout of the text.


Triple-click the slide's title in the slide canvas to select it.

The text is highlighted in light blue, indicating that it is active and ready for modification.


Click the Fonts button in the toolbar to open the Font panel.


In the Family list, ensure that the font Copperplate is selected, and in the Typeface list, click Bold to change the style of the title font.


In the Font panel, change the font size to 96 points.


Click in the slide canvas area below the text to deselect the text.


Click the title text block to select it.


Click the Text Inspector button to switch to the Text Inspector.

The Text Inspector allows you to modify text alignment, spacing, and color.


Click the Text button to view text properties (this button should be highlighted by default). Click the Center text alignment button to center your text within the text block.


In the slide canvas, drag the text block slowly to the left and toward the top of the slide. Drag until the object snaps to the yellow pop-up alignment guides.

The title is now centered horizontally on the page. Pop-up alignment guides are useful for visually positioning elements on a slide with precise alignment.

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