Adding More Slides

For the next slides, you'll use a different master slide. This is because you'll be adding images to the slides in the next lesson. Keynote provides master slides set up for that purpose.


Click the New button at the top of the document window to add a new slide.

The number 2 appears next to your new slide.


From the Masters list, choose the Title, Bullets & Photo layout.


Next to the number 2, type the following title:

Cable Cars


Press Return.

A new slide is created. You'll add bullet point information and connect it to slide 2.


Press Tab.

The insertion point moves to an indented location underneath the Cable Cars title, and the next text that you type will become a bullet point for this slide.


Type the following text in the outline:

Take a ride in one of the oldest cable cars in the nation. San Francisco's cable cars still run today on 8.8 miles of track along three of their original hundred-year-old routes. San Francisco's cable cars are propelled mechanically by a steel cable the cars grip in between one of the slots.


Press Return to create a new bullet and then type the following information in the outline:


For a leisurely ride, avoid the lines at Powell and Market Streets and get on the California line where California Street intersects Market near the Ferry Building.

Now add a third slide.


Click the New button at the top of the window to add another new slide.

The number 3 appears next to your new slide. The Title, Bullets & Photo layout should still be active since you used it last.

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