Adding a Background Image

You can place a photo behind your text as a design element. The image should be simple and lightened so it acts as a texture.


Choose Insert > Choose, navigate to Lesson 9 > TIFF > Wheels.tiff, and click Insert.

A photo showing a close-up of a bicycle wheel is inserted.


In the Metrics Inspector, set the image's width to 11 in, the X position to 0 in, and the Y position to 1 in.


In the Wrap Inspector, deselect the Object causes wrap check box.


In the toolbar, click the Adjust button to open the Adjust Image panel. Drag the Saturation slider all the way to the left for a value of 0, and set the Exposure slider to 44.

These settings wash out the image.


Switch to the Graphic Inspector and set the Opacity to 15%.

This setting makes the image more transparent.


Choose Arrange > Send to Back to place the photo behind the rest of the elements in your layout.


Choose File > Save.

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